With myCitiapp, from anywhere in the city, you can get information on the best deals and coolest happenings.

Market Your Business on myCitiapp

How marketing on myCitiapp works?

Few new media platforms of the last five years have generated as much excitement as "apps" on mobile or portable devices. The portability and direct access has created a unique environment for you to reach your customers.

Market Your Business

Marketing on myCitiapp will:

  • Target people looking for your kind of business in your immediate vicinity
  • Connect to consumers on the go with special offers
  • Expand your reach with a 24/7 advertising medium
  • Introduce a loyalty program to enhance customer retention
  • Track real-time campaign results

How does in-app marketing on myCitiapp work?

Through the myCitiapp self managed marketing model, businesses like yours can get their message in front of our app users by targeting a specific category and/or distance (0.1 to 10 miles).


  • Sights and Attractions
  • Shopping/Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Bar/Nightlife
  • Music/Theatre
  • Health & Beauty
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Coffee Shops
  • Supermarkets


By geo-targeting user's  mobile device, myCitiapp allows advertisers to directly target people within a certain distance from their venue... No matter where the user is, advertisers can cater campaigns to reach people no matter how far away they may be.

  • Start small, target users only a few blocks away (0.1 miles - 0.2 miles)
  • Expand your reach in small increment (0.1 miles or more) at any time
  • GROW: Target visitors up to 10 miles away. (0.8 miles limit for NYC)

Within minutes, your campaign can be live on myCitiapp.

After you successfully launch your campaign, you can view your listing that is already promoting your business to qualified consumers. You can login into your ad portal at any time to modify company information, update or post new promotions, add, update or suspend campaigns, and/or track results in real time. Our in-app advertising model was designed to help ensure a successful campaign, whether you want to build your brand or increase your sales.

Custom Campaigns

In addition to our standard in-app marketing, our experienced team can tailor a custom campaign to match your needs, no matter what size or type of business you are.

Custom campaigns are mapped out and designed to:

  • Maximize your marketing dollars
  • Increase campaign effectiveness
  • Increase sales
  • Keep customers engaged

In addition, you have the option of pairing the in-app marketing or custom campaign with our loyalty program - designed to work in tandem with the myCitiapp marketing model.

Who should use?

Any businesses seeking to target consumers on the go!

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